The Basics Of Coordination

a woman wearing gloden rings and chain with a black dress

Colour is one of the most significant elements of your wardrobe.  A bad colour choice might attract attention to imperfections, while a well-coordinated jewellery and wardrobe can make heads turn.

Fashion is all about how well your jewellery and clothes go together. You’d probably never wear black if it weren’t such a universal colour, and the same goes for white.

Here are the basic rules that govern coordination between clothing and jewellery.

Be Practical

Sometimes, we have the perfect chunky bracelet to go with a work outfit color-wise, so we go to work wearing it, and as soon as our hands touch the desk—clang! —it makes a sound so loud we’re bound to take it off to not disrupt the work environment.

There’s also the fact that it gets in the way when you try to get anything done. Therefore, wear wrist accessories anywhere but at places where your wrist will be coming into regular contact with surfaces. Choose a layered necklace instead and pair it with a hoop or dangle earrings.

Don’t Match, Contrast!

Contrast is the basic rule of women’s fashion. For instance, complicated patterns must always be accessorized with minimal jewelry and simple ones with ornate jewelry.

We won’t pair a floral dress with ruffles on it with a pearl necklace, but we would consider the latter for a summer dress with a round neckline and short sleeves. On the other hand, gold and silver colors are the safest where color contrast is concerned.

Consider Your Skin Tone

a woman wearing gloden rings and chain with a black dress

Your outfit isn’t the only thing that counts when you’re deciding on jewelry. When it comes to accessories close to your face, such as stylish earrings, color and material matter a great deal.

Rhinestone jewelry always works like a charm on any dress or blouse, in and out of the workplace. If you don’t have that kind of sparkle in your wardrobe, you could always go for a shade of silver that matches your complexion. You can also opt for gold if you’ve got dark hair and a matte skin tone.

Take Your Outfit Colors into Consideration

Along with your skin tone, the color theme of your dress also matters quite a bit. If it’s a busy pattern with an understated base color, you’re better off with a simple, plain accessory.

More to the point, warm themes go well with cool colors and vice versa. For instance, a cool tone like blue would contrast greatly with red jewelry, whereas a red dress would also make a great accompaniment to blue jewels.

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